Attention Signature Group Members -

I've signed with Creative Image Licensing and Management (CILM). They'll be handling the distribution of my digital images to signature groups as of March 6th, 2006. As of today I have pulled permission on the use of my artwork in signature groups; please refrain from using my images until you've purchased a license for their legal use.

I've been gratified by the response of so many of you - not merely that you like my work, but that you've been scrupulous in following my rules for use and in putting my name and copyright notice on your tags. I'm happy to have found CILM to handle my images, and I feel they will give you the best customer service possible on my behalf.

I realize many of you have spent hours upon hours creating tags with my artwork. Please don't throw them away. Instead, when those images are released in image and tube packages, you'll be able to purchase them from CILM and continue to use and distribute them.

If you have any questions or requests concerning my images, please contact CILM customer service at:

Thanks again for your support. My hope is that this will clear up any problems and uncertainties, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with my artwork in the future.

Dean Yeagle
February 10, 2006